C++ Machine Learning

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C++ Machine Learning

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C++ Machine Learning

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title C++ Machine Learning
authors Phil Culliton
publishedDate 2017-12-29
description Get introduced to the concepts of Machine Learning and build efficient data models in C++About This Book* Get introduced to the concepts of Machine Learning and see how you can implement them in C++, and build efficient data models for training data using popular libraries such as mlpack and Shark* A detailed guide packed with real-life examples to help you build a solid understanding of Machine Learning.Who This Book Is ForThe target audience is C++ developers who want to get into machine learning, or knowledgeable ML programmers who don't know C++ well but want to use it, and libraries written in it, in their work. The reader should be conversant with at least one programming language, and have some familiarity with strongly-typed languages and vectors/matrices.What you will learn* Model relationships in your data using supervised learning* Uncover insights using clustering and t-SNE* Use ensemble and stack to create more powerful models* Use cuda-convnet and deep learning to solve image recognition problems* Build an end-to-end pipeline that turns what you learn into practical, ready-to-use software* Solve big data problems using Hadoop and Google's MR4CIn DetailMachine Learning tasks are CPU time-consuming. C++ outperforms any other programming language by allowing access to programming constructs to optimize CPU-based number crunching, precision, and memory management normally abstracted away in higher-level languages.This book aims to address the challenges associated with C++ machine learning by introducing you to several useful libraries (mlpack, Shogun, and so on); you'll producing a library of your own code along the way that should make common tasks more straightforward.We begin with a review of the basic concepts you will need to know or brush up on before going further, including math and an intro to the C++ style we'll be using throughout the book. We then deal with the fundamentals of ML-how to handle input, the basic algorithms, and sample cases where the basic algorithms succeed or fail. This is followed by more advanced topics such as complex algorithms, regularization, optimization, and visualizing and understanding data, referring back to earlier work consistently so that you can see the mountains move. We'll then touch upon topics of current interest: computer vision (including sections on CUDA and "deep" learning), natural language processing, and handling very large datasets.The journey ends with a coda: we go back through the original sample cases, applying what we've learned along the way to rectify the issues we ran into initially.
pageCount 569
printType BOOK
maturityRating NOT_MATURE
language en
canonicalVolumeLink https://books.google.com/books/about/C++_Machine_Learning.html?hl=&id=EF9avgAACAAJ

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