Sleep, Personality, and Social Behavior

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Sleep, Personality, and Social Behavior

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Sleep, Personality, and Social Behavior

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title Sleep, Personality, and Social Behavior
authors Zlatan Križan
publisher Springer
publishedDate 2019-12-19
description The purpose of this book is to survey the limited scientific knowledge about how sleep intersects with personality and social behavior. This edited volume establishes a new interdisciplinary field of inquiry about sleep that examines sleep processes in the context of social behavior and social-cognitive processes (e.g., liking, respecting, helping, hurting, achieving), as well as individual differences in personality (i.e., chronic patterns of emotion, thought, and behavior). Contributors identify key gaps in scientific knowledge about sleep and its import for personality-social processes, aiming to shape future research efforts by scholars in psychology, biology, sociology, and sleep medicine. Among the topics discussed: How sleep shapes emotion regulation Sleep and temperament in early childhood Dynamics between sleep and self-control Implications for task performance Influence of sleep on social cognition and judgment Sleep, Personality, and Social Behavior comprehensively examines the role of sleep in emotion and motivation, the impact of sleep on social-cognitive processes, the dynamics between sleeping and relationships functioning, the import of sleep for group behavior, the role of personality differences in sleep, and the role of sleep in personality and social development. Researchers in personality and social psychology, health psychology, and neurology will find this an insightful book that addresses the significant gaps in scientific understanding of sleep.
pageCount 261
printType BOOK
categories Psychology
maturityRating NOT_MATURE
language en

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