Using Drama with Children on the Autism Spectrum

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Using Drama with Children on the Autism Spectrum

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Using Drama with Children on the Autism Spectrum

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title Using Drama With Children on the Autism Spectrum
subtitle A Resource for Practitioners in Education and Health
authors Carmel Conn
publisher Routledge
publishedDate 2019
description The second edition of Using Drama with Children on the Autism Spectrum takes the perspective that support for the learning and development of children should have the purpose of giving them the freedom to be more fully who they are and able to function more effectively as themselves in a wider range of contexts. The focus of this new edition is on learning outcomes as expressed by autistic people, for example, to develop better understandings about the social world and to know how to manage everyday situations more successfully. This practical resource book contains more than 150 activities for use with children aged 5-11 years old. Written for mainstream and special education teachers, speech and language therapists, drama teachers, play workers and creative arts therapists, the book shows how using drama with children across the autism spectrum can provide valuable experiences in being with others and communicating with them in enjoyable ways that support the development of well-being and confidence. In addition, drama is presented as a rich medium for reflecting on everyday social situations and developing children's understandings about the social world. Complete with case studies, photocopiable resources and step-by-step guidance on how to facilitate drama activities that all children can enjoy, this practical resource will be invaluable for those who are looking for new ways of engaging children on the autism spectrum and their peers. The second edition of this practical resource has been extensively revised, updated and re-focused in line with current practice and thinking.
pageCount 270
printType BOOK
categories Autistic children
maturityRating NOT_MATURE
language en

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