Parking and the city

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Parking and the city

Donal Shoup

ISBN10: 1138497126

ISBN13: 978-1138497122

Parking and the city

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title Parking and the City
authors Donald Shoup
publishedDate 2018-04-11
description Chapter 29. Progressive Parking Fines -- Chapter 30. Disabled Placard Abuse -- Chapter 31. Ending the Abuse of Disabled Parking Placards -- Chapter 32. Ending Disabled Placard Abuse at Parking Meters: The Two-Tier Solution -- Chapter 33. Parking Charity -- Chapter 34. Popular Parking Meters -- Chapter 35. Parking Limits: Lean Demand Management in Berkeley -- Chapter 36. SFpark -- Chapter 37. SFpark: Pricing Parking by Demand -- Chapter 38. Market-Priced Parking in Theory and Practice -- Chapter 39. Cruising for Parking: Lessons from San Francisco -- Chapter 40. Optimizing the Use of Public Garages: Pricing Parking by Demand -- Chapter 41. LA Express Park -- Chapter 42. The Politics and Economics of Parking on Campus -- Chapter 43. Cashing Out Employer-Paid Parking -- Part III. Parking Benefit Districts -- Chapter 44. Parking Matters in Old Pasadena -- Chapter 45. Revitalizing a Downtown with Smart Parking Policies -- Chapter 46. Paid Parking and Free Wi-Fi in Ventura -- Chapter 47. A Parking Benefit District Grows in Houston -- Chapter 48. Parking Benefit Districts in Austin, Texas -- Chapter 49. Parking Benefit Districts in Mexico City -- Chapter 50. Parking Benefit Districts in Beijing -- Chapter 51. Residential Parking Benefit Districts -- Epilogue -- Index
pageCount 513
printType BOOK
categories Automobile parking
maturityRating NOT_MATURE
language en

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