Boy without Instructions

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Boy without Instructions

Penny Williams

ISBN10: 0991617800


Boy without Instructions

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title Boy Without Instructions
subtitle Surviving the Learning Curve of Parenting a Child with ADHD
authors Penny Williams
publishedDate 2014-05
description Most books on ADHD don't dare expose the genuine grit of the moment-by-moment peaks and valleys of this special parenthood - the gut-wrenching, crying on the bathroom floor, feeling like you're losing your mind truth of the matter that is learning to successfully parent a child with ADHD. Boy Without Instructions changes that. Williams shares her unfiltered thoughts and emotions during her progression through this learning curve during this harrowing ride. Right before your eyes, this initially grief-stricken momma transforms from obsessed-with-ADHD control-freak and helicopter mom to optimistic and (mostly) confident parent of a child who happens to have ADHD. Boy Without Instructions validates your grief and guilt, yet reveals that it's truly possible to craft a (mostly) joy-filled life for your child with ADHD, yourself, and your family.
pageCount 304
printType BOOK
categories Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder
maturityRating NOT_MATURE
language en

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