Beyond the secret

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Beyond the secret

Dr.Liza Love

ISBN10: 1571746722

ISBN13: 978-1571746726

Beyond the secret

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The Law of Attraction tells us that we can have anything we want. Or does it? How do we know if we're using it for the right purpose?

In Beyond The Secret, psychologist and Law of Attraction coach, Lisa Love offers answers to these questions, answers she discovered during her own spiritual quest to understand the Law of Attraction. She explains the difference between using the Law in an egotistical rather than a spiritual way. She shows how to use the Law of Attraction as a tool for spiritual growth, psychological integration, and, ultimately, connecting with Spirit.

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title Beyond the Secret
subtitle Spiritual Power and the Law of Attraction
authors Love, Lisa
publisher Hampton Roads Publishing
publishedDate 2011-09-01
description The book The Secret brought the Law of Attraction to a vast new audience. Beyond the Secret takes the concept a step further, explaining how to align with your own Spirit so you can use the very powerful Law of Attraction truthfully and securely--ensuring that what you wish for is actually good for your Self.
pageCount 224
printType BOOK
categories Body, Mind & Spirit
averageRating 5
ratingsCount 1
maturityRating NOT_MATURE
language en

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