the plot to attack Iran

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the plot to attack Iran

Dan Kovalik

ISBN10: 9781510739345


the plot to attack Iran

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title The Plot to Attack Iran
subtitle How the CIA and the Deep State Have Conspired to Vilify Iran
authors Dan Kovalik
publisher Skyhorse
publishedDate 2018-06-12
description * “Spectacular!” * –Oliver Stone The world has a lot of questions about the current state of affairs between the United States and Iran… How has the US undermined democracy in Iran? Is Iran really trying to develop nuclear weapons? How has US waged a terror campaign against Iran for years? How is it that the US and Israel, rather than Iran, are destabilizing the Middle East? How has Iran helped the US in the war on terror? In The Plot to Attack Iran, critically acclaimed author Dan Kovalik exposes what Americans have known about the Islamic Republic is largely based on propaganda. The 1953 coup that deposed the democratically-elected prime minister for a US-selected shah? Sold to average American citizens as a necessity to protect democracy and guard against communism. In truth, it was America’s lust for Iranian oil and power that installed the tyrannical shah. The Iranian hostage crisis that miraculously ended with Ronald Reagan’s inauguration as president? Evidence shows that Reagan negotiated with the hostage-takers to hold the hostages until his inauguration. Iran, once known as Persia, is one of the oldest nations on earth. It has a rich history and a unique culture, and is bordered by seven countries, the Caspian Sea, and the Persian Gulf. It is literally the intersection of many countries and many worlds. It has a population of eighty million people and occupies a space nearly the size of Alaska, the largest US state; it is the seventeenth largest country in the world. Over the past century, Iran’s greatest resource, and at the same time its greatest curse, has been its oil. For it is oil that has caused the United States and other world powers to systematically attempt to destroy Iran. After a greedy Iranian monarch sold all of Iran’s oil and natural gas reserves to a British financier in 1901, the West started just one of its many invasions and exploitations of the country. Using recently declassified documents and memos, as well as first-hand experience of the country, critically-acclaimed author Dan Kovalik will change the way you think about Iran, and especially what you think of US interference there. Learn how the United States vilifies its enemies, and accuses them of unspeakable horror to mask its own terrible crimes. Not only does the illuminating and important The Plot to Attack Iran delve into the current incendiary situation, but it also predicts what could happen next, and what needs to be done before it is too late.
pageCount 224
printType BOOK
categories Political Science
averageRating 4
ratingsCount 1
maturityRating NOT_MATURE
language en

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