Soccer Positions: A-Step-by-Step Guide about Each Player on a Team (Understand Soccer)

buy book  Soccer Positions: A-Step-by-Step Guide about Each Player on a Team (Understand Soccer)

Soccer Positions: A-Step-by-Step Guide about Each Player on a Team (Understand Soccer)

Dylan Joseph

ISBN10: 1949511138


Soccer Positions: A-Step-by-Step Guide about Each Player on a Team (Understand Soccer)

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title Soccer Positions
subtitle A-Step-by-Step Guide about Each Player on a Team
authors Dylan Joseph
publishedDate 2019-06-30
description Ever wonder what all the positions are? Think you know every position and that a book on positioning is unnecessary for you? Ever hear of a False Nine, a Wing Back, or an Inverted Winger and were confused by what position that referred to? Have you ever wanted to learn the abilities needed by each player on the pitch including the position you play in now or potentially want to play in the future? Are you a parent that is a bit confused by the differences of each spot on the field that your child plays? Well, if any of these situations describe you, you are not alone. Coaches of soccer are decent at assigning positions such as goalkeeper, defender, midfielder, and forward in addition to whether that player should be on the left side, right side, or center of the field. Sadly, coaches do not often teach the more advanced positions and what each player in that role must do. It is all well and good if your team is consistently winning and outperforming the other team. However, if your team is not always winning by a few goals, the positioning could be upgraded to effectively use the skills of each player on the team. Outcomes of learning the positions explained in this book: -Understand some of the history on how positions came to be in the modern game. -Learn the specialties of each role to determine your best fit on the field. -Find the tactical position to take your team to the next level. Why does learning these things matter? Well, building your knowledge grows your confidence. Self-esteem is key for any soccer player, coach, or parent and building the belief in yourself and your child will allow them to play to the level you know they can. You may think those are all well and great, but "how can a book really deliver on increasing the positioning of yourself, son, daughter, or team?" "Why not just watch a YouTube video to see it too?" Excitingly, this book lays out step-by-step what you should work on and the most important keys to being able to perform in each position. Yes, other author's may glance over the different types of players but never describe and explain the exact role based on each team's needs. This book does exactly that. Also, though YouTube can be used to compliment a book because videos show visual representations of the positions covered (though this book has pictures too), each video is often unorganized and the order in which you watch the videos is NOT structured at all. This book provides that structure to ensure that you are not just getting a little information in one spot and some knowledge in another without being able to understand the entire positional picture of how each part works together. It is time for your knowledge of Soccer Positions to go to the next level. Become the player, coach, or parent that changes every game from here on out. Pick up your copy today by clicking BUY NOW.
pageCount 126
printType BOOK
maturityRating NOT_MATURE
language en

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