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parol evidence rule

John Honnold

ISBN10: 9065443738

ISBN13: 978-9065443731

parol evidence rule

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title Documentary history of the uniform law for international sales
subtitle the studies, deliberations, and decisions that led to the 1980 United Nations Convention with introductions and explanations
authors John Honnold
publisher Kluwer Law Intl
publishedDate 1989
description This book is published by Juta (SA), & co-published by CH Beck & Kluwer Law & Taxation Publishers. It contains a comprehensive account of the Roman rules as they had developed in Roman law, & how they formed the ius commune of medieval Europe & in some modern systems of law. German BGB, South African Law & English common law, & the French Civil Code are some of the systems of law covered.
pageCount 881
printType BOOK
categories Law
maturityRating NOT_MATURE
language en

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