Organizational Behaviour 10th

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Organizational Behaviour 10th

Prof David A Buchanan (Author), Dr Andrzej Huczynski (Author)

ISBN10: 1292251573

ISBN13: 978-1292251578

Organizational Behaviour 10th

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Organizational Behaviour by Buchanan and Huczynski is one of the best established books in this field.  The authors’ popular blend of social science underpinning, challenging assumptions, applying theory to practice, and using movies to explore topical issues, makes this an ideal introduction to the subject.  This text can be used by undergraduate, postgraduate, and professional students as it assumes no prior knowledge of the social sciences in general, or of organizational behaviour.


Now also available in enhanced ebook format with regular testing, and with links to video content for a more memorable learning experience.




What’s new in this edition?


New features 

  • critical thinking   invitations to question, challenge assumptions, consider other options
  • cutting edge   summarizing recent key research findings
  • what did they find?    asking you to predict the results of real life research projects
  • employability check   relating chapter content to employability competencies
  • audio box    links to short podcasts exploring topical issues
  • video box    links to online videos exploring chapter themes in more depth
  • stop and search    suggestions for YouTube content exploring key topics


New content 

  • Living to 100 - what are the implications for work and organizations?
  • Future-proof your career - skills that are still going to be in demand in a digital world
  • Born to be an entrepreneur - or can you learn how to become one?
  • Tattoo or not tattoo - how attitudes towards body art are changing
  • Gastronomic bonding - team building by members preparing and eating food together
  • Sexual harassment - the hidden costs for employers
  • Agile organization - rapidly changing management structures in response to a turbulent environment
  • Dis-org - Google’s experiment of running a company

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title Organizational Behaviour
authors David Buchanan
publishedDate 2019
description "Our target readers are students who are new to the social sciences and to the study of organizational behaviour. This is a core subject on most business and management degree, diploma and masters programmes. Accountants, architects, bankers, computer scientists, doctors, engineers, hoteliers, nurses, surveyors, teachers and other specialists, who have no background in social science, may find themselves studying organizational behaviour as part of their professional examination schemes"--
pageCount 872
printType BOOK
categories Organizational behavior
maturityRating NOT_MATURE
language en

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