Bohemia Interactive’s Silica: A New FPS/RTS Hybrid Game Now Available on Steam Early Access

Bohemia Interactive has recently announced the release of their new first-person shooter and real-time strategy hybrid game, Silica. The game is now available for Windows PC via Steam Early Access and will be in early access for approximately one year.

Silica offers players the freedom of choice, allowing them to play as either infantry or commander. The game has three full playable game modes – Strategy, Prospector, and Arena at launch. Strategy mode seamlessly combines both RTS and FPS elements and is playable in any combination, up to a 3-way conflict between factions. Prospector mode acts as a tutorial for Silica, while Arena mode introduces a fun and crazy environment where players select their favorite unit and face off in an unbalanced FPS free-for-all.

Bohemia Interactive has successfully helped launch titles by smaller studios and indie developers which have gone on to gain success on the global market. Silica is now available for purchase on Steam Early Access.

Sources: Niche Gamer

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