Blue Archive Guide: Shiro and Kuro Urban Warfare May 2023

Blue Archive is a popular mobile game that has recently released a new Mystic raid featuring Shiro and Kuro. This guide will help players prepare for the Urban Warfare May 2023 event and take on the two armored bosses.

Shiro and Kuro are a two-phase boss that are weak to Mystic attacks from students. Players should make sure to have core students for high-level clears. Piercing damage is neutral against Special armor, so many of the students from Chesed or Binah guides can be used in a pinch.

Shiro and Kuro have a unique mechanic that interacts with Cover. Cover are the bits of rock, barricades, and other terrain that students can crouch fire from behind. Some students have EX abilities that create Cover and they have a unique niche in Shiro and Kuro raids. When Shiro or Kuro use an ability that will send a ball at a student, the ball can be blocked with Cover. If the damage doesn’t break the Cover, the ball will be bounced back. When the ball is bounced back, Shiro or Kuro will immediately enter a Groggy state and wipe their ATG gauge.

Players should also make sure to have Hasumi (Track) and Unique Yuuka (Track) and Mari (Track) for better chances of winning. With this guide, players can be better prepared for the Mystic raids and take on Shiro and Kuro with confidence.

Source: Niche Gamer

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