Blackjack is one of the largest played games across the globe, and the Blackjack rules and strategies are pretty easy to understand, making it well-loved by various casinos such as Cozino and the players at these casinos.

How to play Blackjack

Essentially a comparison game with cards, to play the game you’ll need a small group of players and one dealer. Each player will take it in turns to play the game against the dealer, but not each other, and the game is played with one card deck consisting of 52 cards – and in compliance with Blackjack rules and strategies the game can be played with more than one card deck.

The dealer of the game can be beaten by a number of Blackjack rules and strategies; if a player gets 21 points with the first two cards for example, which is an event aptly labelled a ‘Blackjack’ or a ‘natural’, and if this happens without a dealer ‘Blackjack’.

Another couple of ways to win at the game Blackjack and beating the dealer is if a player reaches a score which is higher than the dealer and without this score going past the figure 21, or if the dealer draws even more cards until the figure exceeds 21, which is an event called ‘busted’.

Blackjack basics explained

At the beginning of a game of Blackjack, each player is dealt two cards which are given either facing up or down, which is dependant on the casino and table, and usually the dealer will get one card that faces up. A ‘pip value’ is the value of cards two through ten, but the Jack, King and Queen are all worth ten each, however an Ace card is worth either one or 11. The sum of the card value is called ‘a hand’s value’, and each player is allowed to pull more cards to improve that.

If a hand has got an Ace valued at 11, this is known as a ‘soft, and that means the hand won’t ‘bust’ with another card, though the Ace then goes to the value of one if more are pulled so as to avoid going over 21, and if that occurs it means the hand would then be a ‘hard.’

How Blackjack rules and strategies help players win

When the players are done with their ‘hands’ the dealer has their turn in getting their own ‘hand’, however this isn’t the case if those playing have busted or got Blackjacks. The dealer then shows their hidden card and hits until the value of the cards reach 17 or more.

So, players can win with one of three strategies – by not busting and getting a value in the end that’s greater than the dealer’s, not busting but the dealer does, or by getting a Blackjack when the dealer doesn’t.

However, there are occasions when both the player and dealer have the same total overall at the end, not including Blackjacks, and this is known as a ‘push’, but typically the player doesn’t win or lose any money if this happens. If not, the dealer wins the game.

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