Best Movesets in Rogue Demon – Tier List

Rogue Demon is a popular Demon Slayer Roblox anime game that offers players a choice between numerous Breathing Styles and Blood Demon Arts, also known as movesets. Currently, there are 13 movesets available in Rogue Demon. In this guide, we will rank all the movesets in a tier list to help you decide which ones to focus on and which ones to avoid.

Note: If you want to try out the new Beast Breathing Style in Rogue Demon, check out our guide.

While all the Rogue Demon movesets are good in their own way, there are a few that stand out as the best. If you enjoy using a particular moveset and have found a way to make it an S Tier pick for you, continue to use it.

Here are all the movesets currently in Rogue Demon:

Rogue Demon movesets

Sickle Blood Demon Art is the best moveset in Rogue Demon because it has extremely high damage, a lot of great abilities with lots of combo potential, and the moves activate quickly. With Sickle, you have a great evasive move, great combo extenders, and great one-shot abilities. If you become great with Sickle Blood Demon Art, you can dominate over almost any other movset.

The second moveset in S Tier is Arrow Blood Demon. With Arrow, you don’t get a sword, but the abilities you do have give you the chance to deal a lot of high-damage combos. The abilities are extremely powerful and can completely control your enemy. That said, it is a hard moveset to learn.

Thunder Breathing is the first moveset in A Tier because it has a lot of high damage moves and combo potential. All of the moves allow you to dodge and surprise your enemy which makes you a hard opponent to track and deal damage to.

Flame Breathing is the second moveset in A Tier because the abilities are very powerful and great for combos. It is a well-rounded moveset that offers a little bit of everything from dodging to quick attacks to final blows.

Akaza Blood Demon Art is a very flashy moveset that has a few extremely fast and powerful moves. However, since Akaza doesn’t have that many abilities, the moveset can be very predictable to enemies. This can result in other movesets reading what you are planning and countering everything you use.

Water Breathing comes in the second to last spot of A Tier. While the combos are really strong and Flowing Dance allows you to dodge attacks, the attacks can be blocked quite easily. This is a fun moveset to use and is still very effective.

Beast Breathing is the last moveset in A Tier. Overall, Beast Breathing has high damage abilities and good combos. Where it falls short is most of the moves have too high of a windup and are best in mid to long range fights.

Insect Breathing is a fairly good moveset that features solid moves that deal good damage and have fairly good combo potential. Bee Sting blinds targets and Dragonfly can break blocks which is great, but Insect doesn’t have an evade ability which can leave the user open to attacks. Overall, this moveset doesn’t have the best defense or offense but is easy to use and can be good in the right hands.

Sound Breathing is just slightly worse than Insect Breathing. They are very similar since they both do best at close range, but the abilities are easy to block. None of the abilities do as much damage as the movesets in S and A Tier which is why Sound Breathing sits in B Tier.

Nezuko Blood Demon Art has very strong attacks can overwhelm and crowd your enemy. The abilities deal high damage and, while there aren’t that many abilities, Nezuko normal attacks can chain together with her abilities to create devastating results. The downside is that this moveset is a bit basic and can easily be read and blocked by enemies.

String Blood Demon Art is the third moveset in B Tier because it doesn’t have that many moves, Fake Death doesn’t have that much utility, and the rest of the moves aren’t as great damage and combo-wise as other movesets. While String Slash and Eye Basket is good, it is a very easy moveset to read and counter.

Sun Breathing comes in last in B Tier because the abilities, while strong, are all blockable or easy to evade. The cooldowns are high and the combo potential isn’t that great. All in all, Flame Breathing is very similar but better than Sun Breathing.

The only moveset in C Tier is Temari Blood Demon Art. Temari is a hard moveset to use because it is a range-based moveset. While the moves can be good in the right hands, every moveset in S, A, and B Tier can almost always outplay Temari. If you want to keep your distance and play as a support, Temari can be very good. Otherwise, I would recommend avoiding Temari Blood Demon Art.


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