‘Baby baking’ is the new makeup trend that isn’t as weird as it sounds

‘Baby baking’ is the latest makeup trend that is gaining popularity among beauty enthusiasts. It is a technique that involves applying smaller quantities of powder to targeted areas of the face, resulting in a more natural and seamless finish.

The trend is a take on ‘baking’, which involves placing a thick layer of translucent powder on the skin and letting it sit for up to 10 minutes to set the foundation and concealer underneath. While baking is known for its heavy-duty, full coverage look, it can also cause a ‘cakey’ appearance.

‘Baby baking’ cuts out the issues that people experience with the traditional method. It allows for better control over the amount of powder applied, reducing the risk of heavy buildup or a cakey appearance. This technique is particularly beneficial for those with dry or mature skin, as it prevents excessive drying of the complexion while still providing a subtle matte finish.

The trend is gaining popularity among makeup artists and beauty influencers, with TikTok MUA Kirsty Belle being one of its advocates. She recommends using a small amount of finely milled loose translucent powder on a soft powder puff or a damp sponge to achieve the desired look. The powder should be lightly pressed onto targeted areas, such as the under-eye area, the center of the forehead, and the bridge of the nose, and left on for a shorter duration compared to traditional baking, typically around 1-2 minutes, before lightly dusting off the excess with a fluffy brush.

While ‘baby baking’ may not be suitable for everyone or every makeup look, it is worth trying out for those who prefer a more natural and lightweight finish. Experimenting with different powders and finding the one that suits your skin type and desired finish is essential. It’s also important to blend the powder seamlessly into the surrounding areas to avoid any stark lines or uneven texture.

Sources: Metro.co.uk

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