Android 14 May Allow Users to Save App Pairs for Split-Screen Viewing

Android 14 Beta 2 has been released and it appears that Google is working on a new feature for split-screen mode. According to Mishaal Rahman, the new feature will allow users to save app pairs for easier split-screen viewing. Currently, users can launch two apps side-by-side and the OS creates an app pair so that users can relaunch that same set of apps from the recent apps section. With Android 14, Google may allow users to add a shortcut to the app set on the home screen. This means that even if the split apps are not in the recently used apps menu, users will not have to go through the extra steps to reopen those apps and select the split screen option. They should be able to simply open the saved app pair from the shortcut. This feature could be useful for people who frequently use the same split-screen multitasking apps.

While Samsung and Microsoft already offer this feature on their respective Android forks, Google implementing the feature could mean that other OEMs may also be able to take advantage of it for their own launchers. It would also be a nice addition to the Pixel Fold and Pixel Tablet, as these large-screen devices seem like the perfect candidates for it.

Source: Android Authority

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