All Zonai Devices in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, Explained

Zonai Devices are what makes Zelda Tears of the Kingdom so great. These devices allow the player to create any form of transportation and are essential to reach faraway places on the map and in the sky. There are 26 Zonai Devices, each with an important purpose. Here are all the Zonai Devices explained in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

Below you will find an explanation of all Zonai Devices in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

  • Balloon: This balloon rises when filled with hot air. The hotter the air, the quicker it rises. It can be activated with any fire, such as a torch in Link’s hand.
  • Battery: A Zonai device that holds Zonai-charge energy. Attach this to any other Zonai device to increase the duration of power for the device.
  • Beam Emitter: The Beam Emitter shoots a light beam from its horn, inflicting damage at a great range. Perfect device to fuse onto a shield — making your blocks deadly.
  • Booster: This Zonai device can be attached to any other device to increase its power significantly.
  • Cart: This Zonai device is a giant wheel that can navigate rough environments.
  • Charger: A Zonai device that fires shots in intervals. Each shot explodes when hitting its target.
  • Construct Head: This Cart device is perfect for moving objects across flat surfaces.
  • Defender: The Construct Head is a device that always faces an enemy in range. Very useful when attaching a combat device to the top of it.
  • Fan: The Fan produces wind and acts like a propeller. Put this on the back of a cart, wing, or other objects to make them move.
  • Fire: A Zonai device that shoots fire. This combat device is perfect for attaching to a shield — allowing Link to release fire with every block.
  • Guardian: This Zonai device automatically heads for monsters in the area and attacks them.
  • Hover Stone: The Hover Stone defies the laws of gravity and will float in the air, acting as a platform.
  • Hydrant: This Hydrant Zonai Device shoots out water after hitting it. Perfect to use against Sludge in the Zora Domain region.
  • Light: The Light device brings light to dark places. Bring this device into the Depths to help you navigate the land below Hyrule.
  • Reflector: This Zonai device reflects light and shoots it off into the distance. Perfect for warding off hordes of enemies.
  • Roaster: A Zonai device for cooking food on the go. The pot disappears after cooking one recipe.
  • Rocket: The Rocket is a device that creates a powerful thrust and will launch any object a massive distance. Attach this to any flying contraption, and you’ll reach a far island in no time.
  • Shock: A combat Zonai device that shoots out electric bolts. Put this on your shield to stun and electrocute enemies that come near you.
  • Slider: This Zonai device is smooth underneath, making it the perfect tool for riding down huge hills.
  • Transporter: Like the big wheel, this Zonai device moves objects and other devices. This device doesn’t do too well in rough environments.
  • Trebuchet: This Zonai device can catapult objects or Link within a reasonable distance.
  • Stabilizer: The Stabilizer stands upright at all times. Perfect for securing footholds and other objects that generally tip over.
  • Stake: The Stake can be placed anywhere and will stay in place. The Stake can go inside walls and the ground.
  • Steering Stick: Attach this Steering Stick Zonai device to any object, and Link will have complete control over it — like driving a car or plane.
  • Time Bomb: Time Bomb explodes after a specific amount of time. Will activate all other Zonai devices in proximity.
  • Wind: A Zonai device that rides the wind. Link can fly far on this device if he stands in the middle instead of the edges.

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