All Hidden Quests in Honkai Star Rail and How to Unlock Them

Hidden quests in Honkai: Star Rail are secret quests discovered by interacting with various NPCs and characters around the in-game world. These hidden quests can be challenging to locate but are worth searching for as they reward players with valuable items. That is why we have composed this list of all the known hidden quests in Honkai: Star Rail, as well as how to unlock and where to locate them.

Below is a compiled list of all the hidden quests in Honkai: Star Rail. Considering the game is always online, it is possible that developer miHoYo add more in the future.

On your journey to find these hidden quests, ensure your characters are up to the challenge by checking out our ranked tier list! We go over the best characters in the game — so you’ll want to try hard to pull them from the warp banners.

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