All Halperin Hotel Lockbox Key Locations in Dead Island 2: A Guide

Are you looking for all Halperin Hotel Lockbox key locations in Dead Island 2? There are six lockbox keys for you to find throughout the Halperin Hotel. However, you cannot find them all in one shot, and you need to progress the story until you find the specific zombie type that carries the key. We will disclose what part of the story you can expect the zombie holding the lockbox key to spawn. If the zombie hasn’t spawned in the areas below, you should progress the main story quests and check again.

To get the Military Supplies Key, you must kill a Crusher zombie named Drill Sergeant. When you return to Bel-Air, he can be found on the main road from the Halperin Hotel. This zombie will spawn when you unlock the Reception Hall and defeat your first boss. The quest you will be on is called The Chosen One.

You will find the Military Supplies Case on the back of a Humvee at the gate leading back into Bel-Air.

You will find the Security Guard’s Safe Key by killing an Armored zombie named Hotel Security. You will find this zombie in the underground parking garage on the far-right side of the Halper Hotel outside area. Then, you will head past the Security Booth where the Halperin Security Safe is.

The Halperin Security Safe is located in the security booth by the underground parking garage. You will need to destroy two maglocks to open the door. The first maglock is inside the security booth, and you must throw your weapon through the window to destroy it.

You will find the Military Courier’s Keys by slaying a Runner zombie named Military Courier while on the Saddle Up For Santa Monica quest. She is in the hallway by the door that exits the hotel lobby into the pool area.

The Military Courier’s Case is in the same area as the Military Courier Zombie. It is on a raised platform area with a decorative railing.

You will find the Poolside Container Key by killing a Slobber zombie named Sunbather. Sunbather will spawn after you complete the Missing: Jamal Mission missing person quest available at the Sterling Hotel in Ocean Side.

The Poolside Bio Container can be found in one of the poolside cabanas where you first encounter the caustic sludge and Major Boom at the Halperin Hotel.

You can get the Laundry Room Locker Key by slaying the Voltaic Screamer zombie named Karaoke Bridesmaid. You can find her in the outdoor wedding area, which is the area after you leave the pool area but before you reach the entrance to the stairs leading up to the hotel’s second floor. Karaoke Bridesmaid will spawn after you complete the 18th main story mission, Plumbing the Depths. The Laundry Room Locker is in a closet with a white door on the hotel’s second floor. You will reach this room shortly after climbing the stairs to the hotel rooms on the second floor.

You can find the Fancy Leather Trunk Key by killing the Abomination zombie named Mutated Guest on the third floor of the Halperin Hotel. Mutated Guest will spawn when you are on The End of the Line main story quest.

You will find the Fancy Leather Trunk in the elevator area at the end of the third floor of Halperin Hotel. These are the elevators where you can climb into the lobby (or climb up to the third floor from the lobby).

You won’t be able to find Jamal’s Crate Key to unluck Jamal’s Stash and Jamal’s Ammo until you reach the Sterling Hotel on Ocean Avenue. You need access to the missing person’s board to pick up the Missing: Jamal quest. The Missing: Jamal quest will take you back to the Halperin Hotel, where you will look for clues regarding Jamal’s whereabouts. The investigation will take you back to Jamal’s Stash, where you will fight an Armored zombie. After you kill the Armored Zombie, it will drop Jamal’s Crate Key, allowing you to open Jamal’s Stash and Jamal’s Ammo.

This guide was sourced from Attack of the Fanboy and updated on April 21st, 2023.

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