All Ballistic Abilities and Skills in Apex Legends

In the latest update on May 9, 2023, a new legend joins Apex Legends and goes by the name “Ballistic.” Ballistic is looking to bring a whole new array of abilities for players to use against the competition that can be described as a gunslinger playstyle.

By the looks of it, Ballistic is an older age legend that is looking to be one of the best. Ballistic abilities make him an aggressive competitor and are perfect for those looking for a faster approach to Apex Legends gameplay. He has three unique abilities: Sling, Whistler, and Tempest. Below is the description of each ability found on the official EA website.

Sling: Ballistic’s passive ability allows him to reload his weapons faster and increase his ammo capacity.

Whistler: This ability allows Ballistic to throw a device that creates a sound that distracts enemies and reveals their location.

Tempest: Ballistic’s ultimate ability allows him and his teammates to move faster and reload quicker for a short period of time.

These three skills are top-notch. Ballistic isn’t just a hard-hitting gunslinger with aggressive gameplay — but also someone looking to be the perfect teammate through its Ultimate ability. A team with Ballistic on their side will get an increase in ammo, reload faster, and move more quickly in general — making the whole squad harder to defeat.

If you’re looking for a new legend to try out in Apex Legends, Ballistic is definitely worth checking out.

Source: Attack of the Fanboy

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