Afsana Ferdousi’s ‘Tale of Blue River’: A Fashion Collection Paying Homage to Bangladesh’s Rivers

Afsana Ferdousi, a Bangladeshi fashion designer known for her sustainable fashion designs, has recently launched her new collection titled ‘Tale of Blue River’. The collection pays homage to the riverine majesty of Bangladesh and aims to raise awareness about the importance of preserving and protecting these vital natural resources.

The collection features an array of saris, jumpsuits, jackets, midi dresses for women and shirts, shorts, and trousers for men. All the garments were created using silk, endi silk, handloom cotton, and linen. One of the standout features of the collection is the use of sustainable, eco-friendly, and natural indigo dye to impart the various shades of blue, reflecting the hues of the river as it meets the sky at the horizon.

The pieces have been adorned with motifs of fishes, birds, boats, water lilies, flowing water, and the riverbed. These motifs are brought to life with the pride of our local heritage, and a signature of Afsana’s design aesthetic, the Nakshi Kantha stitch. Almost 90 per cent of the embroidery of these motifs comprises Nakshi Kantha stitch done by hand, while the remaining 10 per cent of the stitches consist of satin stitch, chain stitch, and running stitch.

Afsana wanted to pay homage to the rivers she grew up next to. To bring her inspiration to life, she researched the history and cultural significance of rivers. As part of her design process, after researching the concept, she then went on to sketch looks and create mood boards for the collection. She ensured that her team brought in their perspectives and expertise in the process. Together, they chose materials and experimented with various techniques to ensure that the resulting collection is wearable, comfortable, and sustainable, and maintains a unique aesthetic and message throughout.

The ‘Tale of Blue River’ collection strives to forge a connection between local consumers and their surrounding natural environment, with pride, respect, and admiration. By wearing these pieces, people will be reminded of the importance of preserving Bangladesh’s rivers and natural resources.

Source: The Daily Star

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