6 Android Apps to Help You Create Device Mockups for Your Screenshots

Screenshots provide a convenient way of quickly capturing information on Android devices, whether for saving or sharing. And while it’s conventional to use screenshots as they are, there is a way you can spice them up using device mockups to make them more interesting.

Device mockups are photo renders of electronic gadgets where the screen section can be replaced with your screenshot. Using these mockups, you get visually appealing designs that can be used to show off apps, web pages, home screen setups, and more. Let’s look at the top Android apps to help you create device mockups to use with your screenshots.

1. CreativeApp

CreativeApp is the ultimate tool when it comes to creating device mockups. Besides ensuring all the latest flagship device mockups are added as soon as possible, it also has an exceptional mockup creation feature that helps you capture details like the device notch, border size, and rounded corners to fit your reference.

This app has hundreds of device templates, and most models have multiple mockups to bring that dynamic touch to your screenshots. CreativeApp also has a community, which means you can share your templates and access those shared by other users.

CreativeApp seeks to be a comprehensive mockup app, ensuring every mid-range to flagship device is supported, including foldables. Specifically, expect to find top device brands like Samsung, Pixel, iPhone, OnePlus, and Nothing, as well as generic designs.

2. Snapmod

Snapmod seeks to give you one of the easiest ways to create device mockups from your screenshots and boats over 100 templates. You only need to download the mockup that fits your device, choose the screenshot to frame, and then save.

But there’s more. You can pick your preferred background color or let the app automate the extraction of the primary color or Gaussian blur fill from your screenshots.

On supported devices, Snapmod can automatically create mockups when you take a screenshot without opening the app. Also, it can delete the original screenshot for you once the device mockup is generated. If a template is unavailable for your device, this app helps you create one from scratch.

Supported device brands include Google, Samsung, Sony, OnePlus, Apple, and Nokia.

3. InstaMocks

With over 40 templates, InstaMocks is a go-to screenshot mockup tool. App developers especially will love this app as it offers curated presets to help create mockups for the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. For instance, it has a unique feature where you can work on up to 10 screenshots at the same time.

Past that, you get beautiful color gradients and palettes for the background, an inbuilt text editor, and the ability to save projects. In addition, you can rotate, align, scale, and move your device mockups to pixel perfection and apply ready-to-use effects like glare, shadow, and opacity.

The templates include various Samsung, OnePlus, Google, and iPhone models, among others.

4. Screenshot Maker & Editor App

Screenshot Maker & Editor App is a powerful tool with editing features that give you extra control over screenshot mockups. When creating the mockup, you can create and add stickers, apply filters, and include text overlays before exporting the final image.

Most of the time, apps create full-screen mockups, but Screenshot Maker & Editor App offers templates to help frame specific portions of the screenshots. However, while the features are solid, the app has intrusive ads, and some mockups will require manual editing to fit.

Still, you get a great selection of templates to choose from, including phones from Google, Samsung, OnePlus, and Xiaomi, as well as the iPhone.

5. Screenshot Framer

Screenshot Framer blends options to create 2D and 3D mockups in a single app. This app stands out because it can handle screenshots from odd-shaped screens like the Samsung Galaxy Fold, with an option to adjust the fold angle and include a punch hole.

Even better, you can create mockups from multiple screenshots, apply gradient color for the background, and have the option to add reflections. Besides images, this app allows you to create mockups from videos, though they’re limited to five and 10 FPS GIFs. You can set multiple states for your screenshot and export them in a video.

While Screenshot Framer does not offer many device-specific templates, you can choose from the available options like basic, foldable, curved, and classic, along with select Samsung and iPhone devices. Monitor and laptop mockups are also included.

6. Mockup3D

As the name suggests, Mockup3D allows you to create three-dimensional mockups for screenshots. Specifically, you get several options to adjust them, including the size and position of the mockup, besides tweaking the light color and direction to complement the 3D aspect even better.

In addition to the generated mockup, this app lets you add images, text, and color overlays if necessary. Further, you can choose an image or color as the mockup background for a unique look.

Unfortunately, Mockup3D only supports a handful of device models like some old Google Pixels, iPhones, and Samsung Galaxy phones, plus a generic sample.

These top apps make it easy to use device mockups to show off your screenshots. Whether you’re looking for a simple app to add a frame to your screenshots, or a powerful app that lets you customize your mockups to perfection, you are in luck here.


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