5 Exclusive YouTube Premium Features & Controls

YouTube Premium is a subscription-based service that offers exclusive features and benefits to its members. The service has over 80 million members and trialers who enjoy a more immersive YouTube experience. Here are some of the latest Premium features for pro users:

  • Queuing: Premium members can now queue videos on phones and tablets, giving them complete control over what they’re watching.
  • Google Meet Sessions: Premium members can host Google Meet sessions where all attendees, regardless of whether they are Premium or free users, can watch YouTube videos together.
  • Continue Watching: Premium members can continue watching YouTube videos wherever they previously left off even as they switch between devices, allowing them to jump back in without a single interruption.
  • Smart Downloads: While connected to Wi-Fi, Premium members can automatically add recommended videos straight to their library, ready for offline viewing.
  • Enhanced Bitrate Version: In the coming weeks, YouTube will be launching an enhanced bitrate version of 1080p HD video quality starting on iOS (and an experiment coming to Web soon too.)

For more ways to enhance the YouTube Premium experience, members can visit the Your Premium benefits page to see all details of their account including promotional benefits available to them.

Source: YouTube Official Blog

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