10 Black-Owned Vegan Haircare Brands to Shop Right Now

Looking to start anew with your hair routine in 2023? Well, these 10 Black-owned vegan haircare brands are here to help! From locks and curls to coils, there’s a product for your hair type. Make room on your shower shelf and keep reading to find your new favorite!

OBIA Naturals offers a wide variety of nutrient-filled hair products! All formulas are pH balanced, made with plant-forward ingredients, and ensure long-lasting moisture in curly hair. Some buzzworthy products include Babassu Deep Conditioner, Curl Hydration Spray, and Neem Tea Tree Shampoo Bar.

Koils by Nature features a fierce lineup of all-natural products like Strength Hair Oil, Hydration Mist, and Vegan Biotin Hair Gummies. Remember to check out their newest Sweet Potato Pie Collection!

Wonder Curl has got you covered with their Get Set Hair Jelly made with organic aloe vera to control frizz and retain moisture in curly and coily textures. For best results, pair the jelly with their Restoring Hair Treatment! It’s made with Tamanu oil to regenerate the scalp and avocado to stimulate hair growth.

Elevate your hair routine with Melanin Haircare! Founder Whitney White features products that seal in hydration and add volume to all curly hair types. The Twist-Elongating Style Cream boasts nutrient-filled ingredients, including sweet almond oil and vitamin-rich argan oil. In addition, remember to lock in your moisture with their Melanin Stretch Satin Head Wraps!

Soultanicals has it all from treatment masks and scalp scrubs to an herbal-infused leave-in. The Chebe-Ginger, Supa Deep Conditioner is a bestseller for promoting hair growth and improving scalp circulation.

OOLI Beauty’s Magic 17 Hair & Scalp Oil is made with 17 natural oils to protect against damage and deeply hydrate. So, this vegan hair essential will be your new go-to in no time!

GIRL+HAIR is a dermatologist-designed hair brand that will leave your locks, curls, and coils feeling more rejuvenated than before. Founder Dr. Howard-Verović ensures her formulas are infused with natural ingredients without compromising performance. A standout duo is their DETOX+ Apple Cider Vinegar + Charcoal Water-To-Foam Shampoo & Conditioner Set!

Bomba Curls offers a vibrant range of curly hair essentials. Shop their Forbidden Oil! Use it as a conditioner booster, a scalp treatment, or even a daily hydratant.

Sienna Naturals combines restorative and repairing products to lock in moisture and revive curls and coils. Not sure where to start? Take their online hair quiz to create the perfect wash routine for you!

Source: VegOut Magazine

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