10 Best Soulslike Games for Android in 2023

The Souls series has gained immense popularity since the release of Demon’s Souls in 2009. From Software has released seven distinct role-playing games in just thirteen years, making it one of the most successful franchises in the gaming industry. While there is no official Souls game for Android, there are plenty of competent clones that capture the risk and reward of Dark Souls. Here are the ten best Soulslike games for your mobile device:

1. Dark Raider – an isometric role-playing game with randomly generated levels and 23 bosses.

2. Dead Cells – a 2D, procedurally generated action platformer with fluid hack-and-slash combat.

3. Animus: Revenant – an isometric 3D world with slow and methodical combat centered around parrying, backstabs, blocking, and attacking with different weapons.

4. Revenant Knight – a game that features little to improve your odds, with the only thing that separates you from imminent death being a menacing greatsword.

5. Ronin: the last Samurai – a game that places you in control of a katana-wielding warrior facing down multiple foes in level-based waves.

6. Pascal’s Wager – a bonafide Soulslike on the Android platform, taking place in a dark western fantasy setting.

7. Shadow of Death – a 2D hack-and-slash with creatively designed enemies and wave-based levels.

8. Way of Retribution – a 3D Souls-like MMORPG-style game with multiple starting classes and quest linearity.

9. Watcher Chronicles – a 2D Souls-like with smooth combat, cool bosses, and exceptional enemy design.

10. Grimvalor – a 2D Souls-like hack-and-slash with a focus on platforming and evasive combat.

These games capture the tone, gameplay mechanics, and challenges typically associated with Dark Souls-inspired games on consoles and PC. If you’re a fan of the Souls series, you’ll definitely enjoy playing these games on your Android device.


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