10 Best Ketchapp Mobile Games On Android

Ketchapp is a mobile game publisher known for creating engaging and fun games for Android and iOS devices. Despite the annoying ads, most of their games are worth a playthrough or two to challenge your friends or curb off some boredom while you’re out and about somewhere. Here are the 10 best Ketchapp mobile games on Android:

Horizon: With a cyberpunk-inspired aesthetic, this futuristic endless runner game lets you pilot a spaceship across a landscape littered with geometric shapes. Each level changes the color scheme and ramps up the difficulty. Despite the obstacles being a tad bit too tough to navigate through, you’ll find the musical score will keep you engaged and ready to spend an hour mastering flight switching lanes left and right. Horizon features some rather stunning backdrops that feel immersive. It’s fast-paced, the controls are fairly tight, and the music is splendid.

Knife Hit: As simple as the game’s basic concept is, it’s rather tricky yet satisfying with its genius sound and level design. Every level feels fresh, and you progress through several zones before you’re up against the boss of that world. Your main goal is to land knives on floating targets, and you’ve got to time each hit to make sure it lands. It’s as casual as it gets but also very rewarding once you manage to get a few targets. The competent game design keeps the concept fresh since each level is fairly short. You get to progress through rather quickly, and some of the bosses are fairly easy to cheese too.

Castle Defense: For a barebones tower defense game, this entry from Ketchapp actually delivers an enjoyable experience. Mowing down rows of countless enemies while you keep switching weapons genuinely feels satisfying, and the giant mobs actually make the game feel a lot scarier than it should. Once you get the hang of it, you can try out the endless waves mode that lets you test out all the weapons you’ve unlocked so far. Build up your arsenal and wreak havoc as soon as you spot a foe charging at your castle.

Wheelie Challenge: It can’t get any easier than this, mix and match your purchased tires to upgrade your initial launching piece and then load it onto the slingshot to wreak havoc on the roads you’re trying to get your tire across. Rack up your upgrades to earn more coins, or increase the power to inflict heavy damage on obstacles like cars and signs. Nothing can stand in your way as you travel through different locations and eventually…reach the moon.

Space Frontier 2: Want to launch a rocket into space? Are you good at timing your taps? If yes, then you’d probably be pretty good at getting a decent high score in this game. Space Frontier 2 took all the best things from the prequel and features some flair with all the amped-up backgrounds and graphics. Shoot your spacecraft up and have it land on all sorts of planets and live out your space exploration dreams. Upgrade it enough, and you’ll probably leave the solar system at some point. The game is rather generous with its coins, and that adds to the casual charm it exudes.

Horse Adventure: Tale of Etria: Managing your own horse ranch sounds rather fun but once you get into the groove and start purchasing around five horses, you’ll see just how hectic and unrelenting such a job can get. This semi-casual ranch simulator is the perfect getaway from your mundane urban setting. The kind of horses you get to take care of and lend vary in style, and so does their feed. Clean them, help them relax, and build a better farm with all the money you get.

Art Blitz: Puzzle games are engaging and fun, but what makes the concept even better is incorporating elements that actually make you think. Art Blitz is a game that shows initiative when it comes to introducing casual gamers to the works of art present in the real world. Progress through the different sets this art game has to offer, and you’ll be familiar with all kinds of masterpieces from all sorts of art movements. From impressionists to abstract artists, you get to piece together and relish their famous pieces through a fun medium.

Prince of Persia: Escape: If you’re a fan of the PlayStation 2’s Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time video game, then you’ll be surprised by just how polished and fun this Android game is. Battle enemies as you sprint across the map and perform all the unique tricks at your disposal. The controls are fairly intuitive, and all you need to do is tap on the screen to fend off your foes or jump and scale walls. The animations are decent and rather fluid, and the backdrops match the vibe fairly well.

Gun Action Shoot N Run: Quirky yet incredibly easy and engaging to play, this Android game is unique and features some rather funny sequences that amplify its charm. Gun Action Shoot N Run is just as the title suggests. You’ll kick down doors, buy your own weapons, and mow down hordes of monsters that barely pose any threat. The game’s great and all, but you’re probably going to yearn for more eventually. The game mostly plays itself; all you have to do is tap on a monster to shoot it and avoid hitting any hostages while you’re at it. At some point, you’ll even start feeling bad for some of the monsters who seemingly aren’t doing anything to earn your spite. The game’s fun and all, but once you get near level 50 you’ll get tired of playing the same levels over and over again.

These are the 10 best Ketchapp mobile games on Android that you should try out. They are the perfect blend of easy controls and quirky charming graphics that will keep you engaged and entertained for hours.


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