10 Best Android Games Like God of War in 2023

God of War has been a popular game since its debut on PlayStation 2 in 2006. Its influence can be seen in many genres, including the Play Store’s selection of games for Android phones and tablets. From action games to Metroidvania titles, God of War’s hand can be felt in one form or another. Here are our top picks for Android games that play and look similar to God of War:

  • Shadowblood: A top-down hack-and-slash RPG that offers satisfying combat and visually impressive graphics. The various character classes provide a great deal of replayability.
  • Mortal Kombat: A Fighting Game: The iconic fatalities return, and you can even play as Kratos.
  • Evil Lands: Online Action RPG: A third-person western fantasy sandbox full of quests, enemies, and things to explore. The combat is fluid and accessible, and the character progression is satisfying.
  • BladeBound: RPG Adventure game: A more traditional RPG experience with great action combat and satisfying character progression.
  • Immortal Awakening: A neat little RPG that offers plenty of GoW themes. The ability to auto-run towards quest objectives is a useful feature.
  • ScourgeBringer: A 2D Metroidvania that attempts to marry that traditional explorative gameplay philosophy with the rogue-lite genre. The game discourages exploration through its difficulty, but it’s worth a look if you liked Dead Cells.
  • Titan Quest: Legendary Edition: A classic fantasy RPG with engaging and complex skill trees, intuitive touch interface, and interesting mythology themes.
  • Grim Soul: Monster Hunter RPG: A dark Western fantasy MMORPG that focuses on exploration and creativity. The atmospheric and content-rich game has been well-maintained since 2018.
  • Blade of God: Vargr Souls: A third-person hack-and-slash game with a great emphasis on spectacle. The combat’s impact is satisfying, the weapons are beautifully designed, and the enemies are really cool to defeat.
  • Grimvalor: A 2D hack-and-slash action-adventure game centered around stylish combat and fast-paced platforming. The combat is captivating in that stylish Devil May Cry kind of way.

These games show off how influential God of War has been in the gaming industry. Whether you like old-school hack-and-slash titles or pulse-pounding fighting games, there’s always something new to play in this tried and true corner of game design.


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