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Bend, Oregon?based canine outdoor gear company Ruffwear?s mission is ?to inspire exploration for outdoor adventurers and their human companion.? In order to bring that mission to the internet, the company turned to Mondo Robot for help. With a focus on storytelling first and products second, Mondo Robot designed the website to be an eCommerce experience.

In order to streamline navigation, the site has three primary sections: Shop, for product categories, Tails, for ambassador stories, and About, for information about Ruffwear as a company. The site?s homepage also features the adventurous stories of brand ambassadors. As the user scrolls, a "journey line" highlights key points of the story, moving through hotspots tied to Ruffwear products. In this way, products are presented in the context of their real-life application. The product detail pages are designed to take the guesswork out of shopping and solve common user frustrations. Since many customers tend to order the wrong size, Mondo Robot designed a system that funnels users through a size selector before they can add products to their carts. Though the timeline was tight, Mondo Robot was able to create a unique tailored design solution in the digital space.

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