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Nowadays, the absence of frameworks, libraries, and other development tools is not a thing to worry about. Simultaneously with the evolution of web applications and the growth of their complexity, #developers are creating and improving a wide variety of techniques allowing to reach new technological levels. As a result, the main task for modern developers ... The post A Real Story How We Made a Cost-Effective Project Management Solution with React appeared first on XB read more...

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Data visualization tools and #dashboards, in particular, have become an integral part of any enterprise management process. Every company department is chasing specific goals which require analyzing a large amount of external and internal information. Marketing specialists, sales managers, or financial analysts pursue different goals but have one thing in common: the need to work ... The post React.js for Building Powerful Dashboards. Sharing Experience – October, 2018 appeared first on XB read more...

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Any company, small or large, generates a huge amount of #business information. Without the right approach for storing and processing data, all the info that you collected during the years of work will turn into a burden to carry. But as soon as you adopt a properly designed business intelligence system, you?ll get the possi#bility ... The post Key BI Technologies and Tools to Enhance Business Competitiveness in 2019 appeared first on XB read more...

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Each day the world around us looks more and more like a picture from a science-fiction book. Smart speakers connected to the voice-controlled intelligent personal assistant services can offer weather reports, tell the latest news, or play a song that better fits your mood. Self-driving cars #technology is reaching an incredible level of development. Unfortunately, ... The post How Important Is Technology in Education? appeared first on XB read more...

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Ent#erprise resource planning (ERP) #solutions can significantly enhance all aspects of your business. While it may seem that the only one reasonable solutions are to choose one of the off-the-shelf solutions provided by such industry titans as SAP or Oracle, there?s another option worth of mentioning. Custom read more...

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There may be different reasons why company management is not satisfied with #the current ent#erprise resource planning (ERP) system. When the company is growing, there?s usually the high need for additional functionality. Changing #business direction, you should alter your product or service offering, sell to a new market, and work with new distributions channels. When ... The post The Major ERP Modules That Will Improve Your Business Operations appeared first on XB read more...

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Students with #visual impairments face unique challenges both in #everyday life and education. Thanks to the technology, there?s a possibility to develop a wide range of tools, devices, and strategies that help learners with everyday tasks. Such an approach allows them to accomplish questions that would otherwise require the help of other people or be ... The post Assistive Technologies for Students with Visual Impairment appeared first on XB read more...

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Modern #disruptive #technologies have changed almost every aspect of our everyday lives. Education is not an exception to this rule. The most promising disruptive innovations such as Augmented Reality (AR) or Artificial Intelligence (AI) are not mainstream yet, but they?ll change the very fabric of #education sooner or later. At the time, more widely available ... The post Disruptive Technologies in Education Sector appeared first on XB read more...

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Any organization that generates a signifi#cant amount of data should take care of creating a convenient and reliable mechanism for its analysis. Business Intelligence (BI) is a term that we use for referring to methods and tools that companies can apply for representing raw business data in the human-readable format. Such approach simplifies further analysis ... The post How Can a Power BI Dashboard Help the Education Industry? [LIVE DEMO] appeared first on XB read more...

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Every company has unique processes and business operations that require continuous monitoring and adjustment. ?o automate and facilitate these processes, provide better business data visibility and #workforce #management, companies need #smart process apps (HRM and ERP solutions) with comprehensive business functionality. Our team created a powerful workforce management (WFM) app with advanced features and a ... The post Smart Process HRM and ERP App for Workforce Management [VIDEO] appeared first on XB read more...

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