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If your furniture isn't going to be beautiful, it should at least be versatile. Case in point: IKEA's Molger bench. It's not ugly by any means, but a bit plain and forgettable. But you can forgive it because it rings in at just under $40 and can report for duty all over your home. Take a look at these examples: READ read more...

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Many a renter has dreamt of a dishwasher while sticking their hands into soapy water, scrubbing a stubborn pot. And while there are many benefits of a portable dishwasher, some kitchens just don't have the space. Earlier this week at CES, Heatworks announced Tetra, a compact, smart and energy efficient dishwasher here to offer some sweet dishwashing relief for the dishwasher-less among us. READ read more...

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This project is a great example of how a few dollars and a few minutes can make a dramatic change in your home?and your mood. As Anne described her situation, "Cooking and baking make me happy, but seeing my workspace sulking in the shadows was putting a damper on my spirit." Let's see her cheap, quick, renter-friendly, and reversible solution to the baking blues! READ read more...

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In my own life I aspire to a zero-clutter kitchen. In the evenings, I dutifully re-home my kids' artwork and sort the mail and put away the dry dishes to get the countertops clean. I'm pretty ruthless with my gadget drawers and pantry. And for someone who loves to entertain, I feel like I have a fairly minimal glassware collection. But sometimes I see someone's cluttered kitchen, bursting with so much charm, and I can't help but fall in love with it. So often people's personalities come through when their favorite items are on display, whether it's crocks and crocks of read more...

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69.99 USDOur finely handcrafted candleholders are made from oak wine barrel staves from France.The solid wood of an oak wine barrel has a very distinctive element of charm that is conveyed into every object we create.The natural arch of a barrel stave confers striking finesse to the silhouette of each of our designs.The Ribbon design creates a fun and playful silhouette. Every individual barrel carries the signs of its unique history in every stave. As no barrel stave or band is the same, each piece might show natural imperfections, slight variations in color, grain & dimensions, all adding read more...

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Many commercial home cleaning products emit harmful chemicals into the air or leave residues that pose various health risks identified by the Environmental Protection Agency. Savvy shoppers can pay more attention to labels and buy more environmentally friendly products, but you can also create your read more...

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