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Safety is the over-riding theme for this years AT&T hackathon if you are using an Intel board and software. To be eligible for the $10,000 prize developer's are required to create a device that makes the world a safer place. But that still leave a lot of leeway for innovation and read more...

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After updating to windows 10 from windows 8.1 and 7 on diffrent computers I have lost the Bluetooth remote function that let me stream music from my phone to my computer. Is there any way to get it back or am i stuck waiting for slow driver updates from intel since I saw this happened with windows 8 awhile back in an older thread and i guess they finally fixed it sooner or alter since it worked on windows 8.1 for read more...

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According to Graphics Drivers — Supported Operating Systems there is no support of Intel HD Graphics 3000 for Windows 10.When the support for Windows 10 for Intel HD Graphics 3000 will arrive?Will be the new WDDM 2.0 driver model be supported for Intel HD Graphics 3000 for Windows read more...

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I'm trying to install batman-adv mesh networking module. This is what I tried. 1. Download opkg package from repo.2. Install said .ipk file with opkg (at this point, opkg did not give any error but batman-adv module still doesn't show up on lsmod, so proceeded to install manually)3. Copy batman-adv.ko from/lib/modules/3.10.17-yocto-standard/kernel/net/batman-adv/ to /lib/modules/$(uname -r)4. Run modprobe -f batman-advGot "modprobe: ERROR: could not insert 'batman_adv': Exec format error" modinfo of batman-adv.ko isfilename:  read more...

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Text-to-speech is not working properly in Windows 10 1511 with the beta driver and it is worse with the 4352 driver. It is working perfectly via the Realtek drivers but not with Intel HD Audio via HDMI connection to a read more...

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hi all, I try use BSP 1.2.0 and build its SDK, but I find when I build the application, it will generate x86 include 'cmov' instruction that is not support by Quark.Do you have any solution that I can let gcc not generate the cmov instruction code? ps. I try to build read more...

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Are you going to release a new driver for the Skylake cpu?  I have a Sony STR-DS5800ES and BRV55x850c that can't be detected by 530 display read more...

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I have a ThinkPad X1 Carbon with an AC7260 wireless adapter. It's running Windows 10 (1511), and all the drivers are current. For some reason, wireless performance is horrible, rarely getting above 2.5Mbps. I'm about 20' away from a Linksys WRT1200AC router. I have 50Mbps from my ISP (verified). Performance on the wired part of the in-house network should be in the 1GB range, so wireless should be able to run as fast as it can there. I've combed the forums, looked at and tried the various bits of conflicting advice. Nothing seems to change the outcome. read more...

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Yes the issue is only happening on the Arduino IDE side. I am following your all procedure, then opening Bluetooth app pro App from phonethen connecting to edison board in CMD line modethen performing this command "cat /dev/rfcomm0" on terminal then sending text and that text is showing in my pc's terminal but not in serial monitor of arduino1.6.6 IDE  another problem is after uploading code successfully when opening serial monitor its showing rapidly"read error Bad file descriptor""open error No such file or read more...

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Hi guys,I am having a big problem and i need some help, i upgraded my brother laptop CPU (Samsung NP300E5C) from a Pentium B970 to my old laptop CPU i3-2310M (ASUS K53SJ), i know that the B970 works on socket FCPGA988 and the i3-2310M works on a PPGA988, but according to my research the i3 also works on FCPGA988, or i am wrong?I have installed the CPU and it works perfectly but the laptop shuts down without warning after 30minutes on. I have applied new thermal paste and i tested the ram, and it was all okay, i upgraded the BIOS and installed the CPU drivers, i don't know what else to do, is read more...

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