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Data protection and privacy are red-hot topics right now, as they should be. We are facing a watershed moment that could determine government and organizational policy for years to come. Weighing personal privacy against national security, for instance, is not as cut-and-dry as it may first appear. In our data-centric world, organizations are hungry for read more...

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My eleven-year old daughter came to me a few months ago claiming an intense dislike for Robotics. As any other parent can tell you, her avowal made me terribly sad. More so since she claimed Robotics was a read more...

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The rate of change is accelerating in IT. The need to provide your enterprise with a competitive advantage and to leverage new technologies is driving the need for rapid change and constant improvement. IT organizations must deliver new business services consisting of new and enhanced applications faster while ensuring SLAs. This environment of frequent and rapid change is what analysts refer to as Mode 2 . It requires adopting business practices where development and IT operations work more closely together and more read more...

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At Cisco, we have long believed in the power of relationships. Recently, I?ve laid out how we plan to be the most strategic technology partner to our customers , and while we are very focused on the opportunities ahead, it?s clear that no one company can deliver the full breadth of technology solutions that customers need at the pace the market requires. Building next-generation strategic partnerships will be as important in driving customer value and future growth as M&A has been over the last decade. In the last few months, we?ve announced a series of strategic read more...

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The Gold Gate Bridge. Cable cars. These images immediately come to mind when we think of San Francisco. If you?re in the IT industry, however, San Francisco is all about Oracle OpenWorld (#OOW15) which kicks off on Oct 25th. Whether you?re attending #OOW15 in person or not, you?ll have plenty of opportunities to learn how Cisco UCS delivers record-breaking performance and exceptional ROI for your Oracle workloads. We?re setting Oracle world records. See #CiscoUCS at #Collaborate15 A video posted by Cisco Data Center & SDN (@ciscodc) on Apr 1, 2015 at read more...

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Join us on a journey to bring an amazing Internet of Everything innovation to read more...

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In this episode, Matt Brender (@mjbrender) and Rick Vanover (@RickVanover) give us an overview of why you should let your IOPS tell the truth!  Ever wonder if read more...

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The contact center is the front line for handling customer inquiries. Corporations large and small understand that it’s important to respond to inquiries read more...

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Educators are using technologies like Cisco Webex to deliver anytime, anywhere learning, bring experts from across the country and the globe into read more...

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One of the hottest topics at NRF this week has been delivery systems. Recent research by Cisco Consulting has found that delivery is one of the top concerns read more...

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